Essay on The Role And Existence Of Angels

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The role and existence of angels vary from religion to religion. Angels are one of the six articles of faith and therefore one must believe in angels to be considered muslim. In Islam, it is believed that angels are neither divine nor semi-divine but creatures that God has created who will eventually face death and always carry out his will. It is said that angels have no free-will and so they can only be obedient, therefore diminishing the belief of fallen angels. However, they have angels and jinn. Angels are created from light while jinn are created from fire, jinn can be bad or good depending on who they are. To them Shaytan (Satan) was a jinn not a fallen angel. Additionally, angels are not to be prayed to and there are very few pictures or sculptures of them since they are created from light. However, they are generally described as beautiful creatures with wings although they can change form if its in accordance with God 's will. They are also genderless, a variety of sizes, and can travel faster than the speed of light. Furthermore, angels never sleep, eat or get tired of praising God. Additionally, It is believed that every day 70 000 angles gather above the Kabba in a sanctuary known as the Much Frequented House. They come, leave and never return there again.

Angels also have powers that God has granted them along with certain responsibilities. There are numerous angels and so an unofficial hierarchy was formed with each angel holding a different role. At…

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