The Role And Duty Vibrations And Energy Play Essay

755 Words Mar 20th, 2016 4 Pages
The role and duty vibrations and energy play have been detrimental and essential to the world humans live in since before humans existed: 15 billion years ago. Science has shown the universe was created from a vibration; the big bang theory. A massive explosion caused by rapid movement of rising pressure resulting in the universe we live in to form. Most people do not know how important vibrations are to humans, and to everything we use and need. Sound is created from a vibration, which vibrates around an object: water, metal pipes, air, etc. Vibrations can create light, which creates energy. This creates heat, which then causes vibrations to create the heat we need to keep our bodies warm. Clearly, vibrations are essential to the world because they create heat, light, and sound; without these three things, the world would be at a stand still which would make life impossible.
Considering all of the misfortunes caused by vibration, it is highly understandable that vibrations, to some, are not always a positive thing. Many misfortunes that go on throughout the world are caused by vibrations: explosions, earthquakes, hurricanes, and tsunamis. These few things are all detrimental to the world. Explosions can be used as a lethal weapon for tactical warfare and to simply exterminate if chosen. However, the world was created from an explosion: the big bang. Earthquakes are just another one of the fatal natural disasters caused by vibrations . To some, earthquakes are not needed,…

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