The Rocking-Horse Winner Essay

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Lust for materials objects, a stylish living, and money can become an obsession in life if one chooses this lifestyle. D.H. Lawrence’s story, “The Rocking-Horse Winner” possesses lust of things throughout the story. The obsessions in the story affects a woman named Hester and then she passes the obsession on to her son, Paul. Part of their obsession is to know if they are lucky people in life or if they are unlucky. Being lucky is just the beginning of Paul’s obsession. Hester is a beautiful woman who was blessed with the opportunity to marry a handsome man but their love eventually runs dry for each other. She has three children, a boy and two girls. However her behavior around people was not the
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There must be more money!” One day, Paul asked his mother why the family was always taking a taxi or borrowing a car from his Uncle Oscar Creswell, instead of them purchasing one of their own. His mother, Hester, explains that they lack the money to buy a car. She even tells Paul that when his father tries to make more money, he has no luck. If you’re lucky, she tells Paul, you have money. That is her belief and she feels that it is better to be born lucky than to be born rich. She tells that if a person is born lucky, they continue to have money but born rich they lose their money. Paul is very assertive towards his mother about being lucky himself. She does not believe Paul about being lucky, even though he was trying to earn her love for him by sharing that with her. Peeved at her lack of faith in him and wanting to prove himself to her, Paul goes off by himself wondering how to generate luck. In the following days, Paul is riding his rocking horse in the nursery when his Uncle Oscar stops by to visit with his mother. While Paul is riding his rocking horse, Uncle Oscar and his mother are watching him attentively. Uncle Oscar asks Paul “Riding a winner?”, but he does not answer. Paul was riding his rocking horse as if he was a knight on an important quest for the king. He was seeking a great prize, luck, which would enable him to win money wagering on real horses. Once Uncle Oscar

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