The Rocking Horse Winner Essay

1033 Words Apr 18th, 2016 null Page
What do you think of this controversial ordeal? Is it immoral, unethical, unfortunate, or just plain inevitable as a “family curse”? The Rocking horse winner is a well-articulated story, it sets the theme as a typical family household with a bizarre twist. When I was introduced to Paul there were some missed interpretations with the characters. Paul was the father of Paul which through me off because he is never labeled as a junior. At this point I’m thinking to myself why this grown man is still riding a rocking horse. So while reading on, I later found that they weren’t the same person (comprehension is key). Although this family was considered wealthy through the material contents found throughout their house, it is shown through the dark shadows that they are not as well off as Hester portrays. Paul is a young boy whom I assume has taken on this so called “family curse” which is a bit farfetched in my opinion. My logic behind the situation is there were a coincidence of series which led to the demise of Paul. This particular story can be very controversial, dealing with superstitions and what not. I am mindful of others beliefs and opinions, and I mean no harm in stating my honest opinion about what went on during the short story. The following will be proposed in the explanation I have on whether or not Paul should have been the victim of the family’s curse. Starting with Paul’s daily actions and lifestyle, which shows his true character. Next will be Paul’s mindset,…

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