Essay on The Rocking Horse Winner

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It is understandable that people may crave more money. Sometimes they may even need a little extra change to make ends meet. This particular short-story, “The Rocking Horse Winner,” takes place sometime between the end of World War I and the Great Depression. Needless to say, many people were short on the necessary amount of money to live comfortably or even be able to provide for their families. However, in D.H. Lawrence’s “The Rocking Horse Winner,” being able to provide for a family should not be an issue. Yet, for little Paul it is. Both his parents have expensive habits and desire to live in luxury, but lack a work ethic. “The mother had a small income, and the father had a small income, but not nearly enough for the social position which they had to keep up” (Lawrence). “Building on Antonio Gramsci’s idea that the dominant class controls the views of the people by many means… [Louis] Althusser,” a prominent Marxist and French philosopher, “agreed that the working class is manipulated to accept the ideology of the working class…” (Dobie 86). In “The Rocking Horse Winner,” D.H. Lawrence criticizes the mentality that money can buy happiness and that wealth and success are more important than true family values. Lawrence achieves this criticism through his use of characterization.
Paul’s parents choose not to live within their means, which causes dysfunction among the family members and within the house. “They lived in a pleasant house, with a garden, and they had…

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