The Rocking Horse Winner. Lawrence Essay

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Family is less of what one is born into and more what one chooses. Most times, a person will choose their biological family as their emotional family as they provide sufficient support to the person. However, should this support not be sufficient, a person will seek out love from other sources: their friends, strangers, extended family. A child will find people that reinforce them, but the hole left from being unable to have the support of their original family will leave a mark, and they will find other means to get that love and support. In the short story The Rocking Horse Winner, D.H. Lawrence presents the idea that Paul’s search for luck is based on his confusion between luck and love, and that this confusion is what eventually leads to his death.

Paul searches for love, as he does not find it naturally in his household. Unlike the conventional love between a child and his mother, Paul is one of three children whose mother “could not love them” (Lawrence 408). The mother, Hester, has become unable to love. Not only does she not love her children, she also has lost the love for her husband, it has “turned to dust” (Lawrence 408). Paul, living in this void of parental care, originally attempts to coax the love out of his mother. He speaks to his mother “timidly” (Lawrence 409) and is “unsure” (Lawrence 409) in dealing with her. When she ignores his certainty that he is lucky, he grows angry, and this makes him “want to compel her attention” (Lawrence 410). His…

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