The Rocking Horse Winner By D. H. Lawrence Essay

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“The Rocking-Horse Winner” by D. H. Lawrence is a story about a young boy named Paul who attempts to win his mother’s affection by becoming lucky, thereby securing the money his mother so desperately wants. “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson is a story about townspeople who blindly conform to tradition and carry out a rather savage practice in an unexpected manner. Both stories use setting to convey a message. In “The Rocking-Horse Winner”, the setting becomes almost another character that is used to drive the plot forward and to explain the reason behind the action of the main characters. By contrast, the setting of “The Lottery” lulls the reader into a false sense of tranquility before shocking the reader with the final plot twist.
“The Rocking-Horse Winner” is set in a pleasant home in an upscale neighborhood. The parents have expensive tastes, but unfortunately, they do not have the means to live as they desire. The mother’s discontent produces an atmosphere of anxiety in the house. The anxiety increases to such a level that Paul begins to hear the house whispering the phrase “there must be more money”. Paul is an impressionable young boy who wants to see his mother happy, and the house haunts him with the desire for material possessions and status. After Paul’s mother explains to him that luck is what “causes you to have money”, Paul decides to seek luck in order to obtain money to satisfy his mother and the whispering house. Thus, the setting is the catalyst for…

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