Essay on The Roaring Twenties Were A Time Of Prosperity And Change

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The roaring twenties were a time of prosperity and change. The end of World War I led to people seeking to alter society and life in general. The new decade brought more modern change, especially in literature. The 1920’s really laid the foundation for American modernism. Writers such as F. Scott Fitzgerald and Langston Hughes were both major contributors to literature and society. Their respective writings were influenced by the people, culture and movements during this time. American Modernism was a movement in literature between the years of 1910 and 1940. It was influenced by a trend in society due to technological and industrial development. It was a time of revival, style and revolting against tradition. Many writers during this time lived in Europe due to the war, and therefore gained European influence that reflected their writing (Barbour 15). Throughout the modernist time there were two main types of writing: literature between the years of 1912-1917 and fictional writings of the 1920’s. Both of which were formal and stylistic (Barbour 13). Literature during 1912 and1917 was influenced by the war. Writers such as Allen Tate couldn’t even begin to think about the hardship veterans had gone through. Much of the literature was based on personal stories of horror, confusion on society and the war (Barbour 82, 83). According to Barbour, writers of the 1920’s were known as the “lost generation” because they were stuck between the repercussions of World War I and a…

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