The Roaring 20s ' The ' Roaring Twenties ' Essay

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The 1920s in the USA, also known as the ‘Roaring 20s’, was a decade of freedom, wealth and change for many groups of people, however many others have greatly lost out. The people who benefitted, such as the industrial owners, women and the young people, have made use of the mechanisation and consumerism, adapting to the change; whereas the others have lost out due to the virtue of their skin colour, nationality or politics, for example new immigrants, Black Americans and the Native American Indians. In the 1920s speaking simply, the rich got richer and the poor got poor.
The 1920s were the age of mechanisation, when most of the industries grew and expanded. For the big industrial owners the new technology meant that their products could be mass-produced and sold at low cost, and even if the products were shipped overseas to other countries were shipped overseas to other countries, their products still stayed very cheap, making America become a new industrial leader. Source 14 shows a photograph of the Ford Car assembly Line in the 1920s, where different parts were added to each care every few meters. Henry Ford symbolised the spirit of business enterprise in the 1920s, for a car was made every 10 seconds. The production of cheap products meant that more ordinary people could afford to buy it therefore more and more industries were mechanising.
However, mechanisation meant that the technology was replacing the labour force, as a result the unemployment grew. In source 14,…

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