The Roaring 20 ' S Essay

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The Roaring 20’s The 1920’s in the United States were a decade of prosperity. Known as the Roaring 20’s or the Jazz Age, the U.S. was booming economically and evolving socially. The economy became the strongest in the world and social and cultural dynamism was on the rise. With the beginnings of mass culture, celebrities, songs, dances, and clothing turned the 20 's into a decade of fads. And with the end of World War 1 in 1918, life seemed to be turning into a never-ending upswing. Of course, not everything was going so well and eventually, thing would take an extreme turn for the worst, but before that the United States prospered. Because of the rapid production of products for the military during WWI, many people were able to obtain jobs, especially in the manufacturing business. However, manufacturers weren 't making common products for their usual consumers. All of their efforts went into making things like guns, clothing, and tanks for the war. Women joined the workforce in droves to replace men who had gone off to war. When these men came back in 1918, the huge amounts of spending began, and there was a shift in production from military products to items marketed towards people who had money to spend. There was also a change in the way things were marketed. Things were advertised to appeal to as many people as possible and to create a desire to own these things. Often, these things weren 't necessities, but they were advertised in a way…

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