The Road Of The Silent, Secret Drinker, And Waiting At The Edge

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People perceive home as a building, yet home exist anywhere they consider a safe haven. A place or even another person where individuals make memories, where they feel loved and fearless of what might happen behind the door. But, this place or person can be hard to find for some people. Many people find themselves lost and confused as to where they belong. It can be a rocky quest before one finds this certain place or person. Both “You Can Go Home Again” by Mary TallMountain and “Waiting at the Edge: Words towards Life” by Maurice Kenny talk about the writers’ quest for home. Both suffered from alcoholism, found reconnection with their fathers, and discovered that writing led them to their true home. TallMountain suffered from alcoholism during the pursuit of her true home. TallMountain said, “Living alone, I started on the road of the silent, secret drinker” (7). The quest for home did not allow her to stay in her comfort zone. She had to go through a lot of hardships to find where her home exists. She felt lonely or merely took herself into isolation because of alcoholism. Fearing being labeled as different by society, TallMountain, hid it and detached herself from other people. She was unaccompanied, leaving her with no one to talk to. TallMountain had to bottle up all of her emotions because of the path she chose to take. Alcoholism made her to feel ashamed to mingle with other people, leaving her in seclusion and a quiet route which does not reflect the true…

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