Essay on The Road Of Healthcare Administration

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The Road to HealthCare Administration

My journeys begin in May of 2013 when I decided to go back to school to pursue my college education a second time around. In 1994 I was offered a full scholarship at Hampton University in Hampton Virginia for “basketball”. While pursuing my career I wasn’t really in tune to my education and the only thing I thought about during this time was sports and having fun with my friends. After leaving Virginia in 1997 I returned home to Columbia, South Carolina and begin working in the Mental Health field as a Mental Health specialist at a Psychiatric Hospital and I worked at this facility for more than ten years. I then noticed that there was no room for advancement because I didn’t have the right credentials “college degree” for any advancement while working at the psychiatric hospital so I decided a few years later to pursue my Associates degree in Healthcare Reimbursement at Virginia College in April of 2013 and graduated in June of 2015. Although I enjoyed working with the codes in billing and insurance claims this still just wasn’t something that I felt that I really would want to make a career out of because of my passion when it came to working with mentally ill patients and my ability to taking control when it came to different situation that arose when it came to documentation, socialization, and leadership skills. Hence, the reason why in November of 2015 after completing some research on different careers that would give me the…

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