The Road Not Taken By Robert Frost Essay

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“The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost is a very simple yet very symbolic poem. It’s a poem regarding various choices that one has to make in life and then live by the outcomes of the decisions made. The consequences of ones choices might turn out to be positive or negative but these decisions have a significant impact in the way one’s life turns out to be.
The poet, Robert Frost, begins the poem with describing a walk in the forest on a fall day as the leaves are turning yellow. As he walks, the road forks and comes a moment of decision regarding which direction to take. This is a metaphor for the times in life when one has to choose one path or decision over another. Making this decision is difficult for him and he thinks for a long time before choosing the path. He wishes that he could split in two and take both paths instead of having to choose only one. Likewise, how many times in life, it becomes so difficult to choose one thing over another. And one wishes to have both options available but unfortunately one can only choose one option. The speaker tries to look ahead as far as he can see for some cues. But all he sees is the road disappearing into the bushes, giving him no idea of what was behind it. This relates to times in life where one attempts to discover and uncover things, trying their level best to make a decision based on facts. However life doesn’t always present everything together, in a foreseeable manner, for one to make the decision based on those…

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