The Road Not Taken By Robert Frost Essay

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It is the nature of man to question his own dubious choices. In the poem “The Road Not Taken" Robert Frost employs structure, setting, wording, and rhyme scheme, as well as the title to emphatically state that the heart suffers over that which it left behind. Frost shows that man naturally questions the ambiguity of each decision made.
Frost structures this lyric poem to feel like a journey. He uses four stanzas of five lines each in a progressive unveiling of thought about an uncertain future, and culminates in the nostalgia, the title suggests, for the road not taken. The first stanza begins the extended metaphor of roads and choices, or “Two roads diverge in a yellow wood.” The speaker’s vision of the future is impaired, by “the undergrowth” and an inability to tell which road had been taken by other men. He, nevertheless, begins the journey in the second stanza. Unable to see the fairness or justness of either road he chooses the road “with perhaps the better claim.” This leads to the caesura in stanza three which draws attention to the wavering to and fro in the exclamation and doubt. The final stanza concludes the matter. He sighs in resignation, and surrender, only to aggrandize the decision and its outcome, “and that has made all the difference.” The stanza leads the reader on a step by step journey of thought, where the decision made points in a certain direction, and cannot be repeated or retracted. Still yet, the yearning to know what might have been is ever…

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