Robert Frost The Road Not Taken Outline

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Robert Lee Frost is a well-known American poet who has won a congressional medal of honor and over 40 honorary degrees, all without ever finishing college. Robert’s career kicked off when he decided to live in England for a while. His love for England inspired Robert to publish, “A Boy’s Will” and “North Boston”. By the time Robert came back to America, he was considered, “1920’s most celebrated poet in America” and to this day, his poems are still being taught in high schools and colleges across America. In Robert Frost’s, “the road not taken” I believe the theme he was trying to convey was, that in life, one will find themselves at a crossroads, and must choose how the rest of their life will go on.3 SENTENCE THESIS STATEMENT
The two roads
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Robert Frost was rejected several times by publishers and could only get two poems in newspapers for years. Rejected poems were never much of a concern for Robert though, he always had his grandfather’s farm as a fallback. For 12 years, the Frost family lived in their farm but in 1912, they sold the farm to live in England so that maybe publishers there could appreciate his poems. Robert frosts decision to give up farming for writing could be related to line 19 and 20, where he writes, “…I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”. the two roads could have been to farm or to write, meaning that -since farming was a very popular occupation in the 1900’s- being a writer would have been the road “less traveled by”. Finally, in the last line of, The Road Not Taken, “…and that has made all the difference” could just be Frost emphasizing how much his life has changed since he decided to really pursue his writing career.
A last big point would be directing to the name of the poem, The Road Not Taken. The entirety of the poem is the traveler thinking about which road he should take, but the title would suggest that the road he didn’t take is just as important as the one he took. There are many celebrities who hate the fact that they’re celebrities, could Robert frost have been one of those people? Many have heard of the name, “Jonny Depp” because he is such a widely known actor and

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