The Road Not Taken By Robert Frost Essay

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Theses Statement
The speaker of “The Road not taken”,while he travelled, finds himself, alone in a fork path, in the woods. He considers two paths in the road, which were equally worn and overlaid with un-trodden leaves. He is caught in a dilema of deciding which path to trod, finally, he decides to choose one, “the one less travelled by”.(DiYanni,2008) He decideds to save the other path for another day, knowing fully well that he is unlikely to travel by this route again. “I doubted if I should ever come back”(DiYanni, 2008). He finally makes a decision and took, it seems, the less traveled road. However, both road are equally the same, according to the speaker. “Though as for that, the passing there, had worn them equally the same.”(DiYanni, 2012)
Robert Frost is known for writing short poems“The Road not taken”, is centered around nature. He incorporates natural elements into this poem. His exploration with nature and the natural elements has provided clarity in terms of knowledge on one’s environment. This poem is an interesting poem, consisting of four stanzas and five lines, with a rhyme scheme, “ABAAB” , excluding the last stanza. The poem is riddled with a dilemma, one which is encountered by many, severally. “The Road Not Taken”, symbolises the literal and figurative metafors, for describing crises, dilemmas and decisions faced by many.
Initially, the speaker talks of identical forks and paths, which is a symbol for ones choice, free will, fate,…

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