The Road For Nearly An Hour Essay

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Charlie and I had been on the road for nearly an hour now. She told me that Sam lived in Lebanon, Kansas, and since we were in Bedford, Iowa, it wouldn’t be that long of a drive. Which was good, since that meant we could get there before midnight.

Charlie wasn’t nearly as weird and creepy as I expected she would be. She was actually really nice. We talked about lots of things, one of them being our shared love for Harry Potter.

“So do you know what house you’d be in? I’m Ravenclaw.”

“No way,” she gasped. “So am I!”

I smiled, “Are you serious?”


We sat in silence for a while after that. I mostly just watched out the window at the flat scenery and the occasional building. I didn’t mind the silence. In fact, I took the opportunity to sleep a little bit. I hadn’t been able to sleep that much since… well in a while.

I woke up sometime later. I noticed it was dark outside now, but we only had around an hour left in the trip. I was glad I had slept through most of it.

“Sleep well?” Charlie asked me suddenly.

I looked over to her, a small pain creeping up my neck. “As good as I can in a car.”

“I feel ya, girl, I feel ya.” Charlie smiled. “I’ve had my fair share of moments sleeping in the car."

I offered a smile, but I was still pretty tired, so I 'm assuming the look I had on my face was in no way attractive. Hopefully it was hidden by the dark lighting inside the car.

"So are you excited to meet Sam? You 're gonna love him, I 'm sure! His brother, Dean, too."…

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