Essay on The Road By Cormac Mccarthy

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Historically, masculinity has always been considered to be far superior to femininity. Whether you are speaking of biblical or medieval times, feminine characteristics have always been looked down upon. In recent decades women have started to become equal to men. Thus, The Road is a blow to this entire movement. The Road by Cormac McCarthy is a novel that shows femininity to be inferior to traditional masculine roles, which are portrayed as strong.
In the novel, femininity or female characteristics are associated and interchangeable with weakness. These female traits displayed in the novel either hold the protagonists back or endanger their lives. In contrast, the masculine characteristics are displayed as heroic and brave. A key example of feminine weakness derives from the depiction of the boy. He has numerous female typical traits like his caring and nurturing nature. These traits are considered to be setbacks to both the characters survival and their journey. Women are often known for their caring nature of animals and people alike. The boy emanates this characteristic in his attempted outreach to a complete stranger (65). His concerned nature over a stranger during this desolate time period says quite a lot about the boy. While most would applaud this caring nature The Man simply rejects it. He determinedly moves on with their journey, making it very clear to The Boy and the reader that he views assisting this person a waste of time. The Man has very little patience…

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