The Road By Cormac Mccarthy Essay

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Imagine being alone and trying to survive with no food, shelter, and marauders and cannibals waiting for you to cross their path. Cormac McCarthy confronts these fears in his Pulitzer Prize winning novel The Road. Released on September 26 2006, this novel has been opening the reader’s eyes to what the reality of survival looks like. An unexplained catastrophe has turned the world into bunt, sparse land that is now home to only a few humans and dogs. The main characters are an unnamed man and his young son, who are traveling south across America to reach warmer weather. The man and the son fear that they are no better than what is left from their society and McCarthy uses the motif of fire as a way to exemplify that and as a way to symbolize their faith through this difficult time. By having the image of fire, the little boy believes that they are not going to succumb to the acts of cannibalism, which is socially acceptable to others. In The Road, author Cormac McCarthy augments the meaning of fire and it’s relationship to human survival suggesting that even amongst death and destruction, life asserts itself. Amongst all the chaos from the apocalypse the man is determined to keep his son alive so they can continue to “carry the fire” and spread goodness and morality in a brutal world. Throughout the plot, the small family meets many people who would rather give up than fight for humanity. For them, it is the simplest path to take in this harsh world. For instance, the…

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