The Road By Cormac Mccarthy Essay

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What would one do if the world suddenly descents into chaos, would he be consumed by the darkness or perceiver to protect their sense of morality and humanity. In the novel, “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy, the truth about individualism and society is necessary to maintain a sense of morality in a world where inhumanity is prevalent, and the way to achieve this is through the ability to suppress the id impulse, and realizing that there’s always hope. This is supported by the father and son seeing the cruelty in the world, the love relationship that occurs between the father and the son, and the innocent kindness of the child possess. Throughout the novel the father and son stumble upon many incidents where one may consider giving up hope. Although what’s drives the father forward is his belief that his son contains a true good heart, and that it’s crucial for humanity to survive. The conversations that the father and son have are very philosophical. In a sense the kid asking questions that a normal kid, grown up in our society, would not have asked. The cruelty of this world if often shown in the question asked by the boy. For example, when the boy talks about death to his father, “[The Boy] Can I ask you something. [The Father] Yes. Of course you can. [The Boy] what would you do if I died? [The Father] if you died I would want to die too.” (McCarthy 11). In this quote the boy is asking the father a very disturbing question, “what you would do if I died”, the reason the boy…

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