The Rituals Of Celebrating Birthdays From Ancient Egypt Essay

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Ritual is defined as the composition of a pattern of symbolic activities, not part of normal social routines and they are recognized by the members that participate in the ritual. Ritual is not something the current participants usually make up, but has been created over many years and passed down through the generations. The ritual of celebrating birthdays came from ancient Egypt when the date of coronation was honored. The pharaohs actual birth date was not celebrated, but to the Egyptians the date of coronation marked when the pharaoh became a god, or was born as a god. The first record of this celebration was “around 3,000 B.C.E.” (Luling, 2013). The Greeks would honor their worshipped beings, similar to what the Egyptians did with their pharaohs. In honoring the lunar goddess, Artemis, the Greeks would present a cake in the shape of a moon with candles on top to represent the glow of the moon. This is how the tradition of cakes with candles came about (Luling, 2013). Before the Romans, only religious figures were celebrated, but the Romans began to celebrate the birth of their loved ones; however, only the birth of males were celebrated (Luling, 2013). The Germans began to celebrate birthdays with cake and candles in the late 1700s, putting a candle on the cake for each year the person had lived and an extra to represent living another year. This is also where making a wish from blowing out the candles came from (Luling, 2013). The song “Good Morning To All”, written by…

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