Essay on The Rite Of Passage As An Adult

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Rite of Passage Who will your child emulate? In America, when one reaches the age of eighteen they are considered an adult and can vote. Chronologically they are expected to be adults and take responsibility for life choices. At twenty-one it is legal to purchase and consume alcohol, just because it is legal this doesn’t mean they are prepared for the consequences of imbibing. Their lack of life experience and wisdom can lead to unexpected consequences. It is still wise to consult parents or another adult. Some young adults will rebelliously choose to not to confer with someone older. Although the state recognizes someone as an adult, this does not mean they are emotionally mature in decision making.
Consequently, maturation is not signified by an arbitrary age. Nor is it gauged by whether one attends college or not. Rite of passage is defined per as “a celebration of the passage which occurs when an individual leaves one group to enter another. It involves a significant change of status in society.” Especially when a student graduates high school and prepares to attend college, get married, or live away from home working to support themselves. Especially the stage where the adolescent moves out to live on their own. Thus, beginning the process. While, making choices based on the knowledge accumulated up to this time.
Therefore, media choice is a song, “Cat’s in The Cradle.” The basis of the song shows a young man growing up, beginning a new life on his own.…

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