Essay about The Risks Of Costco 's Privacy Policy

1380 Words Feb 28th, 2016 null Page
As part of the overall risk model, we have already illustrated the threats and attacks that are possible on the Costco’s IT infrastructure with the likelihood of attacks that can exploit the identified vulnerabilities, which may eventually pose an extensive threat to the Costco’s operations including missions, functions, image, and reputation as well as to the organizational assets, linked organizations, and the consumers. Costco’s privacy policy clearly enunciated the significance of customer’s private and financial information for the organization, and promises to maintain the technical competence to safeguard the information collected through their websites, point of sales terminals, and other mechanisms (Costco, 2013).
Consequently, to overcome the exposed threats and adhere to the commitments made to the customers, the organization needs stringent mitigation strategies. The constitutional assets for risk mitigation are the firewalls, and intrusion detection and prevention systems, that provide the integral security of all network components. Firstly, the intrusion detection systems (IDS) are customarily categorized into host-based, distributed, and network-based systems. The host based systems are applied as a security layer on the database or administrative systems. The considerable benefit of host based IDS is that it can detect both internal and external intrusions, which is not possible by any other category of IDS. Moreover, the approaches used by the host based…

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