Persuasive Essay Pros And Cons Of Cyberbullying

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As children move into their teenage years, the chances of cyberbullying will increase tremendously. In order to remain safe from a bully, parents must be there for their child, guide them, and ensure them that they can grow up in an environment that encourages their talents and intelligence, and also their sense of empathy and their regard for one another (Obama 31). By parents being more involved in their children 's life, they are able to have them open up and feel comfortable enough to tell them if they feel threatened by a bully in any way. If a parent receives this message they need to take action and help fight off the bully not necessarily one on one but, by removing phones, internet, or blocking the bully from the victims possessions. …show more content…
Bullying is said to be no more prevalent or worse than it was a generation ago (Flaxington 16). In the "old days" if you approached someone 's parent, they might feel compelled to take action and work with their child. Today the problems I hear about are mostly with parents and the attitude of the parents (Flaxington 17)! These people believe that the blame should be all on the parent and that they are the reason all of these terrible words are said to the victim from the offender. Also many have no sympathy for the victim since they clearly have not been attacked themselves and feel that they should just ignore all of the harsh words and attack the bully or just be punished for believing everything. In some ways if they can make a mistake they do need to suffer some consequences so they can learn (Flaxington 18). Flaxington also said, “I am not sure what the school can do after 3:00 p.m. If a student is foolish enough to give out their cell number, do they not have any responsibility (17)? In this century students can get other students numbers anywhere, they can find it on their social media, and they can ask friends or just get it from the student. This should not be used against the victim and set more blame on them since they are not always the one giving their information out. Even if the student gave out their number to the bully, in most cases they have no idea that they would create such harm. Unless the victim has threatened the bully before, the offender really has no right to be attacking them and even then, the right thing to do would be to report it to an adult. Nobody should ever be scared to enter school, talk to family or peers or even just want to endure in self harm or committing

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