The Risk Increases For Tumors On The Side Of The Head Mainly Used During Calls

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minutes per day). The risk increases to 200 percent for tumors on the side of the head mainly used during calls” ( Hardell). Imagine if a child of the age of six has a phone and is hooked to it and will not put it down. Even if the child is not talking on the phone they are still going to get a bunch of radiation from the smart phone. Which could eventually lead to cancer if we do not monitor our children’s time on their phones them they will grow more and more attached to them as they get older and the attachment will get worse and worse leading more of a chance to get cancer from the radiofrequency that the phone puts off and that the human body absorbs. According to Margot Miller "They are really repetitive stress injuries -- pain, numbness, discomfort in the base of the thumbs from overuse," (Miller). This could lead to pain that could last forever if they keep texting and using their thumbs like they do on their phones. Another reason why smart phones are bad for people health is they can affect your hearing. Many people all around the world use their phones as a device to listen to music a lot. Many people think that putting head phones in your ears are completely harmless. Well in fact it is damaging your ear drums more than you notice. Many people listen to their music louder and louder over a period of time. This happens because once that person gets so used to the loudness of something they get to use to it and most likely turn it up louder so they can hear it…

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