The Rising Sun Shines Through The Curtains

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As the rising sun shines through the curtains, I open my eyes to the beautiful colors of blue, green and gray. The humming bird moved from flower to flower smelling them and deciding which one it likes better. Spring is the best time in Michigan when all the birds are out and the sun is not to hot but not to cold. Carleton is a nice small country where neighbors are very friendly and you don’t have to worry about anything because nothing really happens in the country. The land is wide and long with horses and cows everywhere and the smell of fresh air all around you. I start to get out of bed and get dressed. That’s when I hear it, the sound of little kids running all around the house waking everyone up. Luckily I was already awake and woke up to a beautiful morning but the noise coming from the other side of my door just made me want to leave the house.
I get dressed and leave my room. I tell all the kids to go outside while me and my older sisters make them breakfast. We finished making pancakes for them and sat down to eat with them. My dad grabbed some food and left for work. So did the older siblings that worked that day. I was left with cleaning everything up like usual. I went to see if my mom needed anything. She was laying in her bed staring out the window. “Hi mom, how are you this morning?” “I’m….Ok….” she could barely respond so I didn’t bother asking her anymore questions. I checked here feeding bag and her uirin bag to see if they were full. Nope they were

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