The Rising Sun Cast Shadows Essay

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The rising sun cast shadows on the newly blacktopped parking lot. On the outlying edges a fine mist rose from the morning dew dancing with the gentle breeze. It would have made for a breathtaking view had Georgette noticed it. However, this morning her eyes were watching her feet walk as her mind wrestled with reasons for the feeling of apprehension rising like a chokehold from deep within.

Arriving at the back of Bus 57 she shook herself like a dog ridding itself of water. Her hand spattered with age spots pulled the worn baseball cap out of her back jean pocket. She released a long deep sigh as she slowly tucked her unruly blond hair into it. Fumbling to find the right key on an overloaded key ring she finally opened the back door and climbed in.

The wave of warmth and the leftover smell of yesterday’s field trip made her face screw up disgust as she quickly made her way to the nearest window. She opened every window letting in fresh air as she moved towards the driver’s seat. While opening the last window she looked out noticed a geeky looking dude with a long ponytail staring up at her. Rolling her eyes, she sighed and stuck her head out the window.

“You lost?” she asked in a monotone voice.

He smirked. He had been observing her ever since she got out of her old beat up jeep. His supervisor had been precise in describing her looks and attitude.

“Quite the contrary, this is my assignment for the year. Bus 57, Row 9, Right Side, Window. Care to let me in?”…

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