The Rising Spring Sun Essay

2465 Words Apr 17th, 2016 10 Pages
Although the warmth of the rising spring sun is more than pleasant as it settles comfortably on his backside, the dusting of pollen that covers his coat is the exact opposite. Its irritating properties send him into sneezing fits, and his beautiful white coat now looks beige, or even downright yellow in places where the deposition of pollen is most concentrated. Back in Spain, he 'd simply step into the ocean and let the waves wash him free of this annoyance, but here in Washington his only options are to either deal with it or ask a servant to hose him down. If Rhett was around, he might consider the latter option, but since he and Ulric have left on a business trip, he resolves to deal with the discomfort instead. He leans against one of the countless towering trees that take up their running space in the pasture, idly scratching his side against the brittle bark and sneezing when this stirs the pollen loose from his pelt. It briefly crosses his mind that he may have some in his hair, too, so he tucks it free from its bun and lets it fall haphazardly across his shoulders as he combs through it gently with the comb he keeps in the satchel slung over his right shoulder. Sure enough, by the time he is finished the teeth of the comb are stained more yellow than the teeth of a chronic coffee drinker, but he 's able to remedy that with a visit to the stable 's sink basin. It 's technically intended for the servants to use to wash their various items, but it works perfectly for…

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