Essay on The Rising Problem Of Global Warming

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Today I must address the topic of global warming. The rising problem our world has been facing is heat, the globe can only handle so much. Internationally, the UN has suggested the world can only raise by two degrees Celsius. After this our staple crops will not grow. Ironically I have just received a letter from the UN stating we have reached an all-time high of a one and a half degree Celsius raise. The main reason is from our heightened increase in greenhouse gases. (A gas that contributes to the greenhouse effect by absorbing infrared radiation, e.g., carbon dioxide and chlorofluorocarbons.-Google) Before I continue, I will first take you for a walk through time, this will give bases for my proposal action against climate change.
Since the beginning of time Earth has provided us with everything we ever needed. It has made oxygen, carbon, iron, zinc and many other needed elements, essential for our existence. Through luck it removed violent massive creatures from its face with a rock that fell from the sky. It designed plants, animals, food and water, but what it created next would be what you and I call life. However, the Earth would called it death. From the powers of luck, divine creation, or whatever the hell you believe, we were produced. Earth made us, humans. The conversation I attempt to have with you should have some effect on your life, and what we do from this point on will in fact matter.
When the Earth did create us, the beginning of our lives were…

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