The Rising Costs Of College Essay

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Casues of the Rising Costs of College Many parents have the dream of their children graduating high school, and continuing on to graduate with a degree from a college or university. They believe that with a college degree, there child will find a well-paying job and be successful in life. However, this dream is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve due to the rising costs of attending college. According to USA Today, “Since 1978, college tuition and fees have increased by a whopping 1,120%” (Reaume). Unfortunately, these escalating costs mean that attending college has become an opportunity that many cannot afford. Students that choose to pursue a college degree may enjoy the “college life” during their school years, but the effects of attending a college or university for four or more years can be potentially devastating. The average college undergraduate used almost $30,000 in loans in 2012 (Snider). Over four years, that number climbs to over $100,000. This debt can stay with a graduate for decades, crippling their financial abilities. These costs also prevent many people from even attending college, which translates to less people with degrees. Another effect of high expenses is the rise in community collge attendance and the increased use of online courses. Community colleges and online classes are generally much cheaper to attend than a four-year school, but they do not offer the same degree levels as a regular college. While the effects of this…

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