The Rising Cost Of Education Essay

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An interest group is a collection of people who try to influence politics or the policies of government, business, etc., in a way that helps their own interests. The power of an interest group varies depending on the time and specific group, but generally speaking, their power and presence remains a constant on the political scene today.
Today, countless interest groups are trying to address the issue of the rising cost of education in the U.S. If I or individuals like myself, who just finished taking an introduction to Political Science class in college, were interested in addressing the rising cost of education in the U.S., the best way this could be accomplished would be to establish a public interest group to inform the public about the problem and to lobby Congress to address cost and funding issues.
While economic interests and most cause groups benefit from a narrow constituency, public interest groups support issues of general public concern like the rising cost of education. College is becoming less and less affordable. Today, a majority of college students have a colossal amount of debt once they graduate from college. This debt stems from student loans, which most college students need to pay for college. A public interest group focusing on the rising cost of education in the U.S. would attract a diverse group of people because the issue is a major concern for almost everyone but especially so for individuals who went to college recently or are currently…

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