The Rise Of War And Pride Essay

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Creation, destruction, war and pride is a perfect way to describe big era 8. A big part of this era was focused around nationalism which provided a sense of unity, nationalism made the citizens of a country feel as though they were a part of something bigger than themselves. During World War I nationalism seemed to be the cause of the war, no country believed that they were going to be defeated as war began. Over the period of the interwar years nationalism arose in China and India allowing for countries that were no longer in the spotlight to become the great nations that they once were. In the time of WWII extreme cases of nationalism arose bringing about the demeaning of other nations. Over the span of roughly 21 year’s the transition from nationalism being seen as positive to negative would shape big era 8 into a competition between a divided world.
Nationalism was accredited for much pride for one country in big era 8. The First World War proved to be something that had never been seen before. As war struck in 1914 many European countries held excessive confidence in their nation as well as their military. This pride was used to fuel positive thoughts about the war and unity among citizens. As Europe split into two divisions the Allied [Britain, France, America and Canada] and the Central powers [Germany, Austria-Hungry and the Ottoman Empire] the competition began, No country believed that they were going to be faced with defeat as commanders promised soldiers “you…

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