The Rise Of Theodore Roosevelt Essay

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The critically acclaimed biography, “The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt” by Edmund Morris, captures the early life of Roosevelt from a unique perspective which gives the audience a significant insight on his ascendance to the presidency. Edmund Morris does an extraordinary task of describing Roosevelt’s life by focusing on detail. Morris is most widely known for his biographies on U.S Presidents, born in Kenya on May 27th, 1940. “The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt” was published in 1979, soon after, it was awarded the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award in 1980. Edmund Morris is infamous for his biography “Dutch: A Memoir of Ronald Reagan”, where he includes fictional characters in an attempt to enhance character development. This biography is part of trilogy by Morris which covers Theodore Roosevelt’s life from childhood to adolescence as it portrays the 26th president as man of intuition with a burning desire to learn. The biography begins discussing Roosevelt’s ancestors as it transitions into his childhood and concludes with his election to the Vice-Presidency. Although Roosevelt experienced a troubling childhood filled with sickness, he overcomes his weaknesses and develops an unmatched sense of strength and deep rooted desire to succeed. Roosevelt can be viewed as many things, some would consider him a great politician while others may view him as exceptional outdoorsman. During his time spent ranching in the west, Roosevelt acquired skills that would yield tremendous…

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