The Rise Of The West Is Inevitable By Professor Chang Essay

778 Words Feb 29th, 2016 4 Pages
Professor Chang’s opening introduction of his artist father’s story implies his intention of introducing narratives created by normal people to the audience. Even though he emphasizes the importance of paying attention to long-term big pictures of US-China relationship in order to oppose the Eurocentric statements, for example, “the rise of the West is inevitable” and “the fall of China is due to its less open-minded culture”, Professor Chang points out that the interaction between people from two countries is also an important narrative form. In class one classmate asked the question that what makes the relationship between America and China special, the professor shows that America and China have a special sociological pattern and the different diplomatic logics make the countries get along with each other well. The answer made me think that whether the historical narrative initiated by politicians makes the diplomatic relationship special or the narrative which concerns daily life and is created by normal people makes the relationship special, and I even question if relationships between two countries can be special and what does the specialty mean to the world. Through presenting the invariability of rules of diplomatic policies to follow from the politician’s perspective and the unpredictability of gains from the normal people’s perspective, I argue that narratives written by normal people represent the specialty of US-China relationship, and the specialty opens doors…

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