The Rise Of The Twentieth Century Essay

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The twentieth century has been regarded as the century of tragedy which is true to some extent. Many terrible things came to pass during this century. These things include but are not limited to World War One, World War Two, the mass genocide which came with World War Two, and the Great Depression. Even though these terrible things happen and other terrible things do continue to happen that there is hope for the future. There are many reasons for this hope all over the world. Some people are still evolving and learning from history to try and make the world a better place. One reason for why the twentieth century is described as the century of tragedy is World War One. This war was particularly bloody for everyone involved, with the casaulities being more than thirty-eight million total for both soldiers and civilians. One reason for this is the military strategy of trench warfare. This is a type of warfare used on land in which the fighting lines are composed primarily of trenches to help keep the soldiers safe. There were several problems with this type of warfare though that contributed to more death. Some but not all of these are that grenades could be dropped into the trenches, there were tanks that could drive into the trenches, and trenchfoot. Trench foot is where your feet would get wet and not be taken care of, people would contract disease from this which were a high cause of death. Many countries went into debt in order to continue fighting this war,…

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