The Rise Of The Stock Market Essay

1149 Words Nov 19th, 2016 5 Pages

Just out of curiosity how many of you guys have money in the stock market (be it buying individual company stocks, bundles of stocks through mutual funds, exchange traded funds, or just contributing to a retirement account such as 401(k)?) If you do that’s great, but if not this isn’t all that uncommon or unsurprising. According to the recent BankRate article, ‘Millennials Slow to Start Investing in Stock Market,’ just “one-third of all millennials ranging from age 18 up to age 35 say they invest in the market, either directly by buying stocks or through mutual funds or a retirement account. At the younger end, only 18% of those between 18 and 25 are investing.” Among their many reasons, 34% say it’s because they, don’t know how to invest or enough about the investing to do so. Out of the last three generations, it’s been shown that millennials were more likely to save their money than invest it. Which is great, but as U.S. News article, ‘Millennial Investing Amid Political Volatility,’ explains, “Millennials should be investing within a decades, not years approach. With rising student loan debt, an uncertain job outlook, and a dwindling prospect of having a solid pension or Social Security income, millennials have been having to face the possibility of a rocky financial future.” And investing a bit of money could help or could make you quite a bit of extra money. So today I’d like to look at some of the reasons why because of longterm investment and…

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