The Rise Of The Roman Empire Essay

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For nearly half a millennium the Roman Empire dominated Europe and the Mediterranean and was the most successful empire the Western World had yet known. To maintain their power, Rome utilized a sophisticated form of empire building that revolved around a code of law, military strategy, and infrastructure. With the collapse of the Roman Empire in 476 A.D., Western Europe was left in a chaotic upheaval, which conveniently was solved by using the Roman society as a model. The legacy of the Roman Empire greatly influenced and shaped the Barbarian Kingdoms, Charlemagne’s Empire and the literature and arts of the Renaissance. With the decline of the Roman Empire came the rise of the Barbarian Kingdoms, which as the term “barbarian” hints, were rather unsophisticated as a society compared to the previous magnificence of Rome. The Visigoths, Franks and Ostrogoths all “adopted Roman ways as they created their own nations on Roman soil” (Kidner, p. 207). These Roman ways were the “adopting [of] Roman administrative practices…[and] the Roman concept of the rule of law” (Kidner, p. 207). The Barbarian Kingdoms borrowed heavily from their Roman predecessors when it came to the structure of their societies, and the impact of Roman legacy can clearly be seen when examining the blending of Barbarian law with Roman Law and how the Barbarians implanted the Roman system of taxation into their civilizations. The Carolingian Dynasty, and more specifically Charlemagne’s Empire, was also…

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