The Rise Of The Roman Empire Essay

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During the Roman Empire, Christianity was accepted and rejected by many. According to Rodney Stark in The Rise of Christianity, “Christianity demanded exclusive commitment” (Stark, 1997). During this time, Christianity provided community, organization and a sense of purpose. This sort of belonging appealed to many of the Roman citizen, which made them even more committed to this new faith. Christians embraced the Scripture and focused on Christian love and spreading the Gospel. In 753 B.C. Rome is founded by Romulus, the son to a Latin princess and Mars the Latin 's god of war. Romulus was the first of the several Roman kings to rule Rome. Roma was the original name of Rome but was later switched to its current name. In 509 B.C., Rome becomes a Republic government. The last king is ousted and Rome is now ruled by senators. “The republic 's organization was designed to prevent any single person or group from acquiring enough power to re-establish the monarchy” (Section 2: The Roman Republic). 45 B.C. Julius Caesar becomes the first dictator of Rome and later becomes the supreme ruler of Rome. In 44 B.C., Julius Caesar was assassinated by a group of senators who perceived him as being a tyrant, but not everyone under his reign agreed with the senators. In 27 B.C., Roman Empire begins and is ruled by Caesars nephew Octavius, who becomes Rome’s first emperor or Augustus. Now we fast forward to “AD 66, where the Jewish inhabitants of Jerusalem rose up in revolt and…

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