Essay on The Rise Of The Roman Empire

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Seneca the Elder of Rome once said, “every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” The Roman empire was illustrated as a government spearheaded by emperors that controlled several parts of the Mediterranean, Asia, and Africa. The empire was one of the most powerful economic, political, cultural, and militant forces the early world had seen. It ensured a lasting influence of Latin culture, language, religion, and art. The fall of Rome was not the end of the world, but an end of a world or a way of life that characterized the Mediterranean. Out of the ashes of the empire, three new civilizations rose: the Germanic West, the Byzantine Empire, and the Islamic World. The best inheritor of the Roman empire was the Germanic West because of its continuation of the government, continuation of fusing cultures, and maintaining a stable and flourishing empire. The word barbarian is derived from the Latin word barbari meaning non-Latin speaker, the Romans described their neighbors, the Ostrogoths, as barbarians; however, it is these barbarians that inherited and revived the Roman empire to its former glory and prosperity. The Goths frequently attacked the provinces of Rome and proved to be a nuisance to the empire. To maintain a degree of peace between the Goths and the Romans, Emperor Leo took a “hostage of peace, Theodoric the son Thiudimir.” Emperor Leo took Theodoric to Constantinople and raised him there immersed in Roman culture. Soon, he gained imperial favor…

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