Essay The Rise Of The Roman Empire

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For the purposes of this assignment, I have chosen passage number one. The passage is an excerpt (specifically the conclusion) from Book VI of the greater “The Rise of the Roman Empire,” authored by Polybius, who is regarded as a chief historian, second only to Thucydides by contemporary historians. “The Rise of The Roman Empire” represents the perspective of the author Polybius with respect to his historical sources and rationale during the years 221 to 146 BC in which he compiled forty books narrating the history of the “inhabited Mediterranean world.” Of these forty books, only five survive in their full form, whilst the other thirty-five are composed of only mere fragments, though long extracts from these other books still survive. Polybius 's historical accounts are primarily focused on the growth of Rome from a city-state to a vast empire and followed the rationale of the famous historian Thucydides, attempting to find a rational motive for historical events. The sources used by Polybius in his works were approached with scrutiny and only firsthand accounts were used throughout his work. Polybius 's works were written over much of his life in a variety of locations where he was present, largely influenced by where his life circumstances restricted or presented opportunity for him to travel. After the defeat of Macedon in 168 BC, Polybius was removed to Rome for an indefinite detention on political grounds. There he became the friend and adviser to Scipio Aemilianus,…

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