The Rise Of The Puritan Colonies Essay

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The year was 1692. The Puritan colonies faced a variety of threats in the New World, especially from the Native Americans (“Salem Witch Trials”, 2015). Puritan way of life was taking a more liberal turn (“Salem Witch Trials”, 2015). Considering the Puritan culture’s emphasis on religion, logically, they would look to a religious mechanism to deal with this problem. Ideas of superstition, ever present in Puritan culture and recorded in books such as A Discourse on the Damned Art of Witchcraft, provided ammunition necessary to cope with the changes in such an appalling manner as the Salem Witch Hunt (Hill, 2000; “Salem Witch Trials, 2015”). The Witch Hunt of 1692-93 ultimately brought about the deaths of 25 people: 19 were hanged, 1 was pressed, and 4 died in prison (Hill, 2000). The death of an infant belonging to one of the women who was executed is also blamed on these heinous trials (Hill). Though the Puritans eventually realized the error of their ways, the repercussions of these unjustified hunts continued to haunt the colony for years after (“Salem Witch Trials”, 2000). In The Salem Witch Trials Reader, renowned colonial author Francis Hill presents a compelling set of compiled works, many of which are primary sources, to clarify a variety of elements surrounding the Witch Hunts, including the atmosphere and the Puritan society’s obsession with religion. Hill presents several texts which expose the atmosphere and strange happenings at that time. Included among these…

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