The Rise Of The Middle Class Essay

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As soon as the gold coin in Africa was created and used as commerce, it spread to Europe. It changed the European social class by creating the middle (proletariat) class. Aristotle believes that if the poor have too much power we are considered to live in a democracy and if the wealthy have too much power we are said to have an oligarchy. Was the middle class only created to offset oligarchy and democracy? In a way, it seems that is its initial purpose, but it is not relevant today as it was during Aristotle’s time because technology altered society as a whole. Will we ever have a strong middle class in America? Aristotle believed that if we did, polity will exist and everything will all be swell in government. The middle class in America was once the largest in the world, but year by year it seems to be decreasing. America’s economy has had a huge boost of wealth these past years, but the new prosperity has inexplicably gone to those who are wealthy. In modern society, the lower class’ main concern is acquiring money the best way they can to support themselves and their families. On the other hand, the middle class’ chief interest is to work their way up through education to be on top with those who are wealthy. A college education has become more critical and is a necessity to move up the economic ladder, even though it has become less affordable. Many households as a result are stuck in debt. A large middle class would protect against the excesses of both the…

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