The Rise Of The Mid Tudor Crisis Essay

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In Edward’s VI’s reign, there was most definitely a Mid Tudor crisis. As a crisis is considered to be ‘a time of intense difficulty or danger’, the definition suits the substantial threats faced throughout Edward’s reign. This was due to a range of factors including both Somerset and Northumberland’s foreign policy. In Somerset’s case, his inability to meet any of his aims shows the intense difficulty he faced. On the other hand, Northumberland unsuccessfully tried to rectify the situation but faced danger from the two main foreign powers in Europe. The religious instability experienced in Edward’s reign only worsened the situation. The combination of these issues undoubtedly caused a Mid Tudor crisis.
Somerset’s inability to meet any of the foreign policy aims set shows the large extent of the Mid Tudor crisis. Somerset’s aimed to keep stability within the country, marry Edward and Mary Queen of Scots to unite Scotland and England, conquer Scotland and avoid France. Somerset did not achieve marriage between Edward and Mary Queen of Scots which shows the failure of foreign policy. The unification of the two crowns would have been beneficial for England as a prevention method for war with Scotland. In addition, it would have stopped the Auld Alliance reuniting. Somerset’s failure to unify the crowns caused numerous problems for England. This stemmed from his aggressive garrisoning policy on the Scottish border. Although England did gain a victory at the Battle of Pinkie in…

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