The Rise Of The Industrial Revolution Essay

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The Industrial Revolution is a highly debated and researched topic of British history, specifically in its origins and Britain’s inordinate success that coincided with it. Some historians argue that Britain first started modernizing in the 1820s and 1830s after the constitutional reforms, development of railways, and institution of substantial industry. However, others look all the way back to Britain’s victory in the French Revolution for a clear beginning to Britain’s, and consequently the world’s, remarkable transformation into an industrial based trade market. Before the Industrial Revolution, the majority of people that resided in Britain revolved their lives around agriculture. They lived in small rural communities where most goods that we know as common, such as clothes, watches, furniture, etc., were hard to come by and considered lavish. As Britain began to gradually modernize, material goods started to inhabit the lives of everyday families, including the one’s with lower incomes. This high standard of living seemed absurd to many historians looking in, leaving them to wonder what the cause of Britain’s high economic state and success in industrializing was. Steve Pincus attributes these oddities to the Glorious Revolution of 1688-89. He argues that the prosperous state of the British economy was due to the rich having more children than the poor, therefore passing down their values, genes, and most importantly, their inheritance. However, his ideas are…

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