The Rise Of The Industrial Revolution Essay example

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The Industrial Revolution, a phenomenon that made America the world power it is today. Luminaries like Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, and J. P Morgan, men who built the foundations of the industrial age; used cutthroat tactics, double-crossed their allies, and pushed the blue-collar workers to the brink. These men created an empire that overworked the working class, while justifying it by saying, laissez-faire, or “let it be,” causing the government to back down, because it would cause for an inefficient economy. Their primary motivation was to make a profit. They abused the system to the point where the government had to step in; creating the FDA, Unions, and other countless restrictions. Restrictions that are still upheld today, but there is a fine line, and corporations are pushing the barriers. As a Capitalist state the populous are not seen as people; to the corporations, we are seen as dollar signs. Karl Marx, a visionary, a man who lived in a time in history where if you were poor, you stayed poor, someone who wanted a change; he showed the world that there does not have to be a set class system, we as humans are equal. The bourgeoisie should fall from the heavens and redistribute the wealth. Karl Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto, now, that word today is tainted, but his ideas in that book were much like Socialism today, and he also died years before what would become of Communism. Marx wrote this as a theory, but years later, it was used as a driving point for a…

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