Essay about The Rise Of The Golden Age

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From the 7th century to the end of the 13th century there were two Islamic golden ages. The first Golden age lasting about 2 centuries from about 7th century to about the 9th century. The second Golden age lasted about 5 centuries from about the 9th century to about the 14th century. In the first Golden Age, society is being integrated in all dimensions, political, social, and moral, under the aegis of Islam, during this Golden Age (Lapidus 14). During the second Golden Age the state, religious institutions, differentiated political, and religious elites become divided during this Golden Age (Lapidus 13). Muhammad, not an immense influence to start out, had a strong political and economic influence during the Islamic Golden Age, because he, being not only a prophet, but the political leader of southern Arabia.
Muhammad was born after the death of his dad in 570ad (Gabriel 53). He was born in the town of Mecca, which, at the time, the religion followed by most was polytheism (Haleem x). At the young age of 6 years old Muhammad’s mom passed. Orphaned at this age and his grandfather took care of him till he died as well, two years later. Finally, at the age of 8 years old, his uncle took guardianship of Muhammad. Muhammad, being orphaned, had no one to educate him, so he lived an illiterate but very knowledgeable lifestyle (Gabriel 55). Muhammad, then employed as a trader by a wealthy and well-respected widow, married her and did not remarry till after her death (Haleem x).…

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