Essay on The Rise Of The Creative Industries

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The rise of the creative industries has emerged a struggle between creativity and commerce; however, this struggle is nothing new to the role of a film producer. Film producers turn ideas into motion pictures and oversee all creative and commercial decisions from start to finish. The core of the job comes from balancing art and business in film, aiming to tell creative stories that are made efficiently as well as being profitable. In an academic study on creativity and commerce, Dr. Andrew Spicer stated that the job of a film producer is “characterised as the continuous struggle between commerce (what would sell), cultural aspiration (making innovative, challenging films to showcase new and exciting creative talent) and entrepreneurial ambition (to make big-budget films that may rival [other] productions in the international marketplace)” (300). The balance of art and business has always remained the core challenge for film producers as they aim for both critical achievements and box-office success. Artistic elements are crucial to the medium of film as well as can lead to achievements and awards in the industry; however, film producers can be tempted to risk art for commercial success, especially through franchising. The role of the film producer is one that is often overlooked or misunderstood. Despite being called “the unsung heros” of the film industry (Pardo 1), producers are vital to the development and distribution of any film. Film producers spearhead the production…

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