The Rise Of The Aztecs

Aztec is a term that refers to people linked trade, religion, and language. They were considered to be the most documented Mesopotamian civilization. They were known as the Nahuatl speaking people, of central Mexico, and there was known to be 11,000,000 of them. The Aztecs were first founded in the 6th century. The founding of the Aztecs began in Aztlan, Mexico. That is where they first settled on the journey of being an Aztec. They left their home, and they began a long journey of trying to find a place to settle. This journey started in 1110 and lasted about 225 years. They began by moving south until they settled in Tenochtitlan in 1325. It was not easy to find this place, they tried settling in a couple other places along the way. The …show more content…
It started with another flood. It then followed with an appearance of a comet in 1517. This was seen to be their impending doom. Then, two years following was the landing of Hernan Cortes on the Yucatan Peninsula. Cortes ended up arriving in the city in 1519. Hernan Cortes was one of the most famous Spanish conquerors. One thing that he accomplished would be that he over through the Aztec’s empire. Cortes formed allies with Tlaxcala, creating enemies of the Aztecs. After the first attack of the Aztecs, they were driven back on July 1st 1520. They suffered from the sad night, also known as la noche triste (a heavy loss). After this victory for the Aztecs, they selected a 10th king. The 10th king was Cuitahuac, he was the king of 1520, shortly after their victory. The first smallpox epidemic ended up hitting the empire in the same year, causing the death of Cuitahuac. So they had to elect another king to rule their empire. The 11th King, also known as the last king of Tenochtitlan was Cuauhetemoc. After this king was elected, their empire ended up surrendering to Cortes in 1521, causing the fall of the city. Just one year later, in 1522, the city was rebuilt into Mexico City. The final destruction was done to the 11th king. Cuauhetemoc was hung by the

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