The Rise Of The 1920s Essay

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Throughout the 1920s, life for the average American was extraordinary. Almost everyone was living rather well off and society significantly grew fairly quickly. However, prosperity does not last forever and often times is followed by great hardship. The prosperity of the 1920s was misleading due to highly luxurious living, rapid industrial expansion, and culture wars that predicted economic problems in the near future. The Roaring Twenties just screamed richness, making people believe they were living an unending prosperity. Young women referred to as flappers, wore fashionable flashy wardrobes and enjoyed themselves very much during this time period. They were known for being women who “danced, smoked, and drank in obvious self-absorption” (701). The 19th Amendment had also passed in that time scheme, allowing women in general to gain more freedom and honor. Men and women spent loads of their money simply treating themselves because they could afford it. Once installment plans came into the picture, people were able to take advantage of consumer credit. They purchased anything and everything. Many even used their credit to invest in stocks. The leisure and entertainment industry boomed in the 1920s. Movies and radio were a thriving success for consumers. During this period, watching a movie in the theatre “symbolized their social importance” (700). National broadcasting formed in the midst of the Roaring Twenties with radio. This allowed listeners access to news and music…

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