Compare And Contrast Technology And Ww2 Technology

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Technology has advanced more in the last thirty years than in the previous two thousand. The exponential increase in advancement will only continue. –Niels Bohr (Bohr n.d.)
Who would have thought that technology could advance so heavily, in just 21 years? There were different means of technology in both wars, and all of them advanced from World War I to World War II. One of them was aerial warfare, as it became faster and more durable in World War II compared to World War I. Another was war at sea, which became more common in World War II compared to World War I. Another was land warfare, as it also progressed due to highly advanced weapons in World War II. Technology advanced significantly from World War I to World War II.
War in the air progressed greatly from World War I to
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Aerial warfare was the most risky military job in World War I. This threat increased greatly during World War II, as the airplanes became more efficient in World War II, compared to World War I. The fastest plane in WWI travelled approximately at a speed of 233km/h . This may seem like a very fast speed, however the speed greatly increased during WWII. In fact, the fastest plane in WWII travelled at a speed of 1417km/h . In merely 21 years, the fastest plane’s speed increased by almost 708%! Along with a great increase in speed, World War II also introduced new airplanes such as the fighter jet . Fighter jets were specially designed to carry deadly bombs that could take out a large number of people at a time. This was a great improvement from WWI, when planes were only used occasionally. This is mainly because the Wright Brothers invented the airplane in 1903, only 11 years before the start of WWI. Thus, the airplane could not be developed enough to carry out tasks in just 11 years. Along with increased speed and new airplanes, the materials used

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